Have a kid-like mindset when painting your home.

Have a kid-like mindset when painting your home.

How to paint with a kid's spirit

Our Founder Tohni Jean-Bellis's son, in this photo is perfection when it comes to painting with a kid like creativity. Don't be afraid to try different colors of paint. Remember to have fun and worst-case scenario you can paint over it. Some of HSD favorite colors were inspired by his beautiful facial paint and here at Sandals Resort Island of Turks and Caicos.

The sand is pure white and pillowy soft, skies are sultry blues and breezy winds that appears as an invisible dance partner.

Explore more head to the ColorSnap app by our partners at Sherwin-Williams to try a visual of these colors below in your home.

Homestyle Decorators by Sherwin-Williams Island color palettes. Request HSD custom color fan deck ask Homestyle Decorators account.

Tide Water    SW 6477

Greek Villa    SW 7551

Fleur De Sel  SW 7666

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