Biophilic Interior Design

Biophilic Interior Design

One of the most beautiful parts of visiting an exotic island is all the natural habitat and vegetation. Designing a luxury resort style living space indoor and outdoor, is all about feeling relaxed and joyful. Luxury is a feeling you experience at resorts. The five senses are strategically stimulated from the time you arrive. The same emotions can be enjoyed at home. The key to this design style is nature and using it to create a luxury vacation vibe at home.

Biophilic Interior Design

Wellness design add nature to create a biophilic design.

Wellness Design by Homestyle Decorators

I found these coconut branches along the sidewalk as the owner was cutting them down, due to the overcrowded branches. I saw its beauty in the colors and gave it a new life. Look at yard waste as unique ways to decorate your space. As a Haitian designer I love designing with nature. Growing up it has been a staple in my home.

The long palm tree draped across the wood table was ready for yard waste pickup day. Keeping the same hues of colors made the feeling and look of a resort in paradise without traveling.

Using wellness as a design tool and recycling helps reduce carbon footprints.

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