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Why we need Fuschia in our lives

Summer is here! And the energies in the air are cheerful, playful and uplifting and this year’s color is fuschia and exactly what this color represents . Fuschia also represents a sense of liveliness, Self assurance and confidence. Just think about how this bright flower stands out boldly among more earthly colors among the garden. Fuschias vivid color adds the perfect touch to any room especially in Homestyle Caribbean essence. Explore the many ways of  how this color makes you feel when you see it. 

 The color got its name from the fuchsia plant and was originally named during the 16th century by German botanist Leonhart Fuchs. :Photo credit unknown

Fuschia can be healing and used in many ways to brighten up the room. When it comes to psychology, the color fuschia inspires confidence, assurance and maturity. The color is nurturing and stylish. Some say that if fuschia is your favorite color then you want to be different from the rest and live your life from your own viewpoint rather than do what others think you should.

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Designers use it, Celebrities wear it, and there’s even a decadent fuschia fruit. Enjoy the benefits of dragon fruit, which dazzles in the hues of fuschia. Including its ability to aid in weight loss, control diabetes, improve digestion, lower cholesterol, and boost energy levels. 


Wellness takes a new meaning when the color of the fruit gives its personalized benefits that caters to the meaning of what fuschia represents. How do we know what colors work for us?

You asked …… The feeling it gives you when you see it in whatever item it’s represented in. This summer is about being bold and taking chances in life and striving to live the best life possible.

Good news is here at Homestyle Decorators we help our clients find the right pop of colors for their aesthetic. We can help you find the best fuschia furniture and home decor to give your home an uplifting feeling this summer! Let's get started contact Sergine Lefevre, our Stylist Representative at Homestyle Decorators 855-533-2672. Book a consultation to schedule your appointment.


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