Meet Tohni

Meet Tohn Jean-Bellis

Meet Tohni

Tohni Jean-Bellis is the CEO of Homestyle Decorators, a recognized Lifestyle Influencer, an aspirational interior designer, and a mother-of-two. Tohni has been published in the press as a style expert within the home and lifestyle space. Her unmatched eye for curating, sourcing, and designing unique luxury products has allowed her to develop the fastest growing platform in the home and design industry.

Haitian born, raised in the United States, and currently living in Florida, Tohni graduated from Art Institiute School of Design, has created multifaceted portfolio, appeared on multiple TV shows, and launched her own businesses all rooted in her deep love for luxury and design and helping others to live beautifully. Her philosophy is everyone deserve to experience luxury soley on how it feels to you. 

HSD Vibes is a resource purposefully created by Tohni to serve as a interior styling resource for her retail customer base, as well as her design clients and Trade program members. Here, Tohni and her team solve every-day design challenges, weigh in on industry trends, provide expert business advice, and spotlight on entrepreneurship realms.

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Tohni has 15+ years of experience in the home industry and now serves as a speaker and activist
for female entrepreneurs. It is her mission to support women to intentionally grow and scale value-focused teams.

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